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Popping Pussies Into Pies

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TIL DNA research proved that Red Pandas actually belong to the Musteloidea superfamily. Which makes them relatives of racoon, otters and weasels. They also have their own family : Ailuridae, within which they are the only specie not extinct.


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My guide to green smoothies! Included is a big list of tons of different things to add to your smoothie and my favorite basic recipe. I also put my 3 favorite green smoothies and a do & don’t guideline. I do want to add, however, that this guide is based on my experiences with smoothies and what I say at the end is the most important thing. This is your smoothie so make it the way you want it. Like a thicker smoothie? Add more ice! Like a more creamy smoothie? Add more frozen fruit. Enjoy raw cauliflower? Go right ahead! Use this guide as the jumping point for your own creativity! :)

Oh and the second most important thing: get a good blender! I cannot even begin to tell you how revolutionary it was getting a good quality blender after my old one broke. My old one just tore the greens to shreds so I ended up drinking leafy pieces. My new one truly breaks them down so it’s a drink not a liquid salad haha! :)

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